Find your Fit : Which PBJ`s are best for you?

October 05, 2015

We know it is never easy buying denim online. But if it is a pair of Pure Blue Japan jeans you are after, then we just made your life a lot easier
This chart gives a full rundown of PBJ jeans with the silhouette and fabric types listed
Are you looking for something Slim Tapered or with some room in the thigh and crotch area? 
The holy grail of PBJ's, the Natural Indigo Dyed AI-series, fabric dyed and produced in Tokushima, Japan
The tedious production process for this series yields some of the finest denim on the Japanese market
Where it all started for PBJ (the first original fabric they developed), the standard 14oz. PBJ Original Selvedge denim comes in all the silhouettes
Fading samples speak for themselves, the atari (fading pattern) on PBJ's deserve to be framed
One of those cult favorite fabrics, the Deep Indigo series by PBJ are in a class of its own
Those three years faded samples though!
The more recently launched, 14oz. Purple Face denim
The purples twill is simply beautiful
The pair that put PBJ on the map, the XX-011 was the first Tapered Slim pair, and also applied the rare and unique Left hand twill denim
If you love blue, look no further than the Cobalt denim by PBJ
Insane fading in just two years!
A black option is always necessary
Hand distressed sample of the PBJ black denim
Pop-up refers to the fading pattern of this denim, which yields very high contrast and intense fading in a cobalt blue color
Because the pop-up denim is first dyed in a cobalt blue before being dyed in a conventional indigo, once faded, it is the cobalt blue rather than the indigo that becomes visible on the surface of the fabric
The recently released XX-013 in an 18oz fabric that we fell head over heels in love for
We love this stealth fabric that PBJ came up with recently
Women's Jeans
The women's series is available in four fabrics

3 Responses

Stephen Boeder
Stephen Boeder

December 07, 2023

How thought I was buying pbj xx-095. 14.5 oz but after ordering , I realized I purchased pbj xx-005 17oz. Anyone know the details of the fit or any other comparisons for me ?

Zsa Zsa
Zsa Zsa

July 13, 2023

(1) Is PBJ straight wide replacing the cigarette slim?
(2) Is all XX series similarly hairy, regardless of weight and fit?

Francis Wong
Francis Wong

November 17, 2022

One of the most challenging dilemmas facing a new Japanese denim head is the myriad of fits within each vendor. This article was very helpful and I wish I had read it first before I started my purchases. I am asking again for your help. Because of being sequestured during covid, I lost alot of weight. I bought two pairs of ODPBJ 002 Kakishibu and Aisora from Nathan Spoor and tried to shrink them in boiling hot water. MISTAKE. They now fit but I shrank the leather tabs. I would like to purchase 3 PBJ generic leather tabs if that can be arranged. I would be overjoyed if you could make the effort to fulful this request. Looking forward to hearing from you. DOMO, Francis Wong

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