The Indigo Dyed MA-1 by Soulive

November 02, 2015

An MA-1 Flight Jacket, featuring an Indigo garment dyed Nylon fabric as the base
The lining is next level, created by first scanning a series of vintage Indigo bandanas onto a computer, and then creating a patchwork pattern fabric from the scannings
Paired here with the Soulive Indigo Patchwork scarf cut from the same material as the lining of the jacket
The shade of indigo that the nylon retains is truly unique, with a slight luster thanks to the nature of nylon fabric
With an updated silhouette, these MA-1's are not as boxy in the torso as many vintage original MA-1 pieces tend to be, a welcome update with the slimmer arms and body
Of course jeans are the go to, but this unique tone of indigo would pair solid with some beige chinos
Proudly crafted in Japan, this piece epitomizes the craft and quality of garments we stand by

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