Store Visit : Newly Renovated PBJ Shop in Harajuku, Tokyo

October 15, 2015

It was great to see the old signboard is still in steady use, despite the full facelift of the inside of the store
Nice fresh paint job on the wall of the front of the store
PBJ keep pushing the envelope with the development of their Tops line
New display rods and racks grace the new store
Your favorite Indigo Garment Dyed Beanie just came back in stock!
New hangers looking solid
No comment here - PBJ jeans speak for themselves!
Nice vintage Made in Japan clock suits the brick interior aesthetic perfectly 
New vintage register adds a nice touch to the otherwise modern counter top
One of the most down to earth and cool people in the Japanese denim industry, Kozue-san of PBJ
Love the way she's beat these XX-007's 
Pairing is essential - Kozue-san's got the right idea with these Chuck Hi's
In house hemming at the PBJ store
Amazing pair of XX-005 with over five years of steady use
Incredible patina

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