Japan Blue's First S/S 2021 arrivals

March 05, 2021

Coming in clean for 2021, the latest fabrics weigh in on the lighter side of the scale for that extra comfort as we head into warmer days.
Japan Blue's new Ecru Sashiko fabric ticks all the boxes for a Spring, with the lightweight nature of the fabric making it comfy & breathable. The ecru hue also helps bring out the superb texture pop of the fabric.
Taking on design elements from the classic coverall, the vintage style cues include a pocket watch hole in the button opening, a subtle yet lovely design element. 
If you're gearing up for the Summer then JB's Ecru Sashiko Shorts are the perfect pair for the upcoming dog days.
Give yourself that extra comfort for the Summer heat, just don’t be dropping red wine on them during your picnic at the park!
Fresh out of the factory is JB's new banana fibre Selvedge chambray haori, part of their ongoing "Ethical" lineup.

The banana fiber used in this cotton blend is sourced from Thailand, where the banana stalks are often simply incinerated once cut from the tree. Banana fiber has excellent water absorption and hygroscopicity because the fiber swells and forms cavities when it is saturated. It was also found that the fiber length is about 1.5 to 2 times longer than that of cotton and highly durable.
However, when weaving denim or machinery, the yarn needs to have a certain degree of elongation which is not a property of the banana fiber itself.

In order to produce the chambray fabric, the fiber is blended with Cote d'Ivoire cotton, which harmonizes well with the simple texture. Additionally, using this particular pesticide free, hand-picked fabric gives a positive boost to the dying cotton industry of Cote D'Ivoire, and the JB team have gone to lengths to create a system where a portion of the profits from this model are appropriated to the development fund of Cote D'Ivoire. 

Last but not least, restock of JB's Indigo Knit Cap is here to keep you cozy. Rope dyed yarns guarantee that this one is made to fade.

Japan Blue's first Spring/Summer drop goes live on 3/6 @ Midnight (JST)

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