The OD+MJ "Frost" Denim Collection

March 12, 2020

Celebrating the stripes that make Momotaro instantly recognizable in the wild, the OD+MJ "Frost" Denim collection was an imperative project to us, our inaugural denim collaboration with our Peach Boy fam and had to commeomorate the occasion with a serious delivery. The outcome is our most comprehensive collaboration to date. A single pair of jeans packed with enough details to justify an owner's manual, the OD+MJ "Frost" capsule collection comprises of four unique articles of clothing.
Featuring two unique silhouettes using the same proprietary 15.7oz. Nep Selvedge denim, the fit pictured above is the updated Narrow Tapered from MJ's lineup. We look the classic Narrow Tapered, gave more margin in the leg to lengthen the inseam for the tall brethren, and gave more room in the rises, thighs and waist for a more forgiving all around fit.
The Slim Straight iteration is based off Momotaro's classic 0205sp, a popular cut for those looking for a fit rooted in vintage, which still packing that burst of OD flavor in the details.
Although built from scratch starting with yarn selection with the good folks at Collectd Mills, we kept the classic pink inseam as is to celebrate the color ingrained in the DNA of the Momotaro brand.
A hallmark of our growing collaboration series with our friends at Momotaro, the OD+MJ previously featured on all our shirting collaboration makes an appearance on the ODMJ018.
in a bid to find some originality in Momotaro's classic approach, we took the rayon tag usually found sewn on to the back pocket of Momotaro Jeans, and found a new home for the tag under the waistband.
Aptly fitting with the "Frost" theme was not the only reason we chose to line both back pockets with this killer brushed Japanese Indigo Check flannel fabric. After having a go at it during sampling, we quickly learned that just the lining makes the function of reaching in and out of the back pockets so much smoother.
A detail we weren't sure would be possible within the $260 target retail price that we had our eyes on for the release, but so glad we didn't shave off the final design. The Indigo & Kakishibu pocket bags allowed us to celebrate the Shokunin (artisan) craft that Momotaro are all about, while highlighting our passion for natural dyes.
The pocket bags are upcoming Kakishibu Jacquard Crest shirt share the same garment dyed fabric!
Due to the garment dyed nature of the shirting garments from this collection, you will notice the otherwise white "OD+MJ" collaboration tags have natural color dye bleeding on both.
While borrowing a more forgiving fit from Momotaro's lineup, the final pieces shrink quite a bit when they are garment dyed, so please so certain of your size when selecting as you may have to size up.
To create the contrast between pieces and bring the collection full circle, we feature Indigo blue stitching on the Kakishibu dyed shirt, and brown shirting on the Indigo version of these shirts!
Borrowing from the color palette highlighted on the OD logo, the chainstitch runoff on this piece feature Navy, Red & Cream.
Commonly featured on Momotaro's standard Copper Label jeans offerings, this Jacquard Crest (or Kamon in Japanese) fabric has been garment dyed for the first time in Momotaro's history. The garment dyeing process help to highlight and give texture to the crest design within the fabric.
The buttons on the Indigo version also undergo an indigo dye process to create the variegated blue hues.

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