The Spring/Summer Selection

April 21, 2021

With the actual, physical heat,
comes the aesthetic heat - a selection of drops from a few of our favorite brands coming in through the doors this week.
Keeping things lightweight, Momotaro's latest Olive Dobby Sashiko shirt stays true to the Peach Boy brand's approach to classic work wear garments.
Impeccable construction featuring triple needle chainstitched sewing, if you are seeking a truly utilitarian shirting option for this season, then look no further.
On the flip, we bring to you Momotaro's GTB S/S Western, with a few quirky features that slay. 
A mainstay of Momotaro's GTB lineup, the painted white battle lines and peach rayon tag normally reserved for the back pockets of their jeans have been applied into the snap-button chest pocket of their latest shirting development.
Following classic Western shirt cues, Momotaro have made slight adjustments to the angles of the stylized back and front yoke construction, elevating a classic vintage piece of Americana.
Momotaro's playful approach to their logo tees is something we have come to love over the years. Dropping in two different motifs, the "Kung-Fu" and "Blindfold" tees clock in at 5.2oz. with just the right amount of stretch and give for comfortable wear.
Whether you're taking a trip down to the beach or just kicking your feet up in the back garden, a nice Aloha Shirt is always a great addition to your wardrobe. The first of two new additions, Japan Blue's Indigo Gauze fabric is the ultimate lightweight and airy option for the dog days ahead.
Using a discharge dyeing method, the knotted flower pattern motif featured on the shirt pays homage to reoccurring block sashiko patterns,  in what is a quintessentially traditional Japanese approach to western shirting.
For a more colorful option, Samurai come through with their "Honnoji Incident" Aloha Shirt. Incorporating Japanese history into their garments, is something Samurai have continued to do with great panache.
The Honnoji Incident was a pivotal moment in Japan's history, when ruling daimyo Oda Nobunaga was assassinated in 1582. On the morning of June 21st, as Nobunaga was taking rest at Honnoji Temple in Kyoto, a large force lead by one of his most trusted generals, Akechi Mitsuhide took control and completely razed the site of the famed temple. Oda's body was never found and to this day the true intentions of Mitsuhide's betrayal are still a mystery. 
The fabric itself was originally used for the Honnoji Incident Selvedge Jeans back in January with the remaining fabric reserved exclusively for the small production lot of the latest Aloha shirts. Going above and beyond, Samurai actually commissioned an illustration depicting the blazing inferno of Honnoji after it was attacked by Mitsuhide's forces.
It's been a minute since we have had a solid pair of Ecru Jeans come through the doors. A classic addition to any wardrobe, Fullcount's latest 13oz. Ecru Selvedge Jeans keep things clean while maintaining all the superb construction details we have come to know & expect from the Osaka OGs.
The jeans are cut in Fullcount's classic 1108 silhouette, featuring a mid-rise and slim straight leg. The only disclaimer from our end would be, of course, careful pairing these with bleeding indigo.
The new items drop on 4/22 @ Midnight (JST)

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