Uniqlo x Pure Blue Japan apparent "collaboration"

September 09, 2014

Over the past few days, the internet in the realm of raw selvedge denim has blown up over this apparent Uniqlo x Pure Blue Japan "collaboration". If the quotation marks on collaboration were not enough to make it obvious, this is not a collaboration by any means of the word. This much has been made clear now, and if you would like more commentary about the actual collection and opinions on the situation, refer to this reddit thread: http://www.reddit.com/r/rawdenim/comments/2fre90/setting_the_record_straight_on_the_apparent/

The facts are that this collection is available only through U.S. based brick and mortar Uniqlo's and online at Uniqlo.com. The items include indigo dyed tops, selvedge denim and other denim garments that will likely confuse any knowledgeable customer of the PBJ brand. The brand themselves have put out a statement to all retailers and affiliates, that they are in no way related to the current production and design of the Uniqlo Pure Blue collection.

In short, while it does not seem that Uniqlo purposely named the collection to cause confusion amongst either brand's customer base, confusion has certainly ensued. Especially amongst denim heads and brand loyalists who have stood by PBJ through the years. Rest assured that while the Uniqlo collection is aptly named "Pure Blue" as it is a denim and indigo dyed collection, the price point that these items are sold at, will quickly deduce the level of quality they retain.

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