Meal of the Month in July

July 26, 2013

If you have ever visited Japan in the Summer, you know there are a couple fruits to really look out for. Watermelon is absolutely delicious and is a great relief from the sumer heat, but nothing beats the couple months of June and July that Japanese peaches (Momo in Japanese) hit the market. They are particularly sweet, have a beautiful consistency through the flesh, and are larger than their American counterparts. That being said, they retail for about US$5-6 for 2 pieces on average. That is a pretty penny to pay for a piece of fruit, but despite the cost, they are just too good to pass up! And regardless, they are still less expensive than good Imported Mangos in Japan (retail for an average of $5!).
Back to the peaches, every summer a small Italian restaurant in Kobe, Japan called Tanto Piato makes a very special dish - it is cold Peach and Tomato Pasta. It may sound a little funky, but the blend of the uber sweet peach and the tangy, crisp and fresh tomatoes creates a flavor that will keep you craving for more! Cooked with just a bit of salt and pepper in an Olive oil base, the cold pasta is served al dente. This is a must try for anyone in Kobe during the summer!

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