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April 05, 2019

Sustainable. Intelligent. Conscious. Durable.
You'd think we were talking about some revolutionary way to recycle. We're actually talking about a simple White T-shirt. One that is meticulously planned and executed to a T (yup, pun intended)!
The Cotton used in the Hardman Tee is a combination of USA, Brazilian & Australian cotton, milled as a Loopwheel cotton in Wakayama prefecture, Japan.
Spinning and milling a Loopwheel cotton is an extremely meticulous process, taking one of these machines a full hour to mill only 1meter of fabric. 
The beauty of Loopwheel comes from this tedious production method. Milling at this slower speed results a more durable fabric that is less elastic than conventional cotton jersey and will maintain its shape over time.
In the words of Armi, "The more simple an item is the more important its silhouette becomes. The role of the designer is a vital one. A role which demands both emotional and logical intelligence."
You will notice an Armi Tee has no tags on the collar of the garment. Tags are omitted and replaced with printed directions, in order to avoid any irritation or discomfort to the skin upon wear.
Ryo is pictured here wearing a size 3 in the Smart Tee, a tailored White Tee featuring a fine Egyptian cotton face, and a Merino Wool inlay fabric. The Egyptian cotton is sourced from, well, Egypt, while the Merino Wool is sourced from New Zealand. The Merino Wool inlay has sweat wicking and natural deodorizing properties, while the Egyptian cotton face of the fabric is just about as soft as a tee can get.
Sizing has a decent range, particularly for a Japanese brand.
Size 2 = US X-Small
Size 3 = US Small
Size 4 = US Medium
Size 5 = US Large
Size 6 = US X-Large
The V-neck Smart Tee is the perfect combo with a pair of raw denim, subtly dress up while still maintaining that classic blue jeans and white tee uniform look.
The Hardman features slightly longer sleeves, and is a classic example of a great White T-shirt. The Loopwheel cotton helps the tee maintain great structure, even after extended wear.
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