Restock! | Studio D'Artisan "Kasezome" Natural Indigo Shirts

April 23, 2019

With the sheer volume of product we see come through the doors, it is often hard to pin down "that" piece each season. Well, SDA did it again. They dropped an instacop (at least for us in store) with the Natural Indigo "Kasezome" Sashiko Shirt. Seems like a lot of words, but each word is as important as the last in this title to truly explain the depth of this shirt.
The yarns are first hand dyed (hank dyed in skein fashion) in order to create the inconsistent indigo hues seen throughout the piece
Fit is flattering, and the intricacy of the fabric makes it ideal to be worn with dark jeans or chinos (pictured with the 20th-013's here)
For a non-mechanized loom to carefully create such a detail oriented textile is simply inspiring.
Available online today:

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