CC Show | Pure Blue Japan F/W '18 Preview

October 02, 2017

Minako-san on the left, denim extraordinaire and all around great gal
Iwaya-san on the right, Founder/Head Designer for PBJ
Always a pleasure hanging with these fine folks!
One of the biggest changes to the lineup will be the future omission of the NC-011BK and the addition of the new XX-013-BB (the same Black x Black 14oz. Selvedge will be cut into the Relaxed Tapered as XX-019-BB).
Sample of hand distressed combs, it's like 3D wearable art!
Previously teased, but never quite made it to market, the AI-019 will feature the Hank Dyed "Rain" Denim, a hand dyed denim from the famed Natural Indigo epicenter of Tokushima.
This is a sample of something we've been brewing with PBJ. Can't really say much more about this at this point, but stay tuned!
Henley's always looking so sweet from PBJ
And there you have it, the first application of Sashiko by Pure Blue Japan. Matching pants of the same Deep Indigo Sashiko will be available.
Type 3 jackets from PBJ will have a welcomed addition of hand warmer pockets, dropping early 2018!
The new Western's with the stylized pockets and yokes to match, here in Black x Black Selvedge clocking in at 8oz's.
Also available in a beautiful Nep Selvedge denim.
Those brushed buttons looking sexy AF.
These shirts actually start out so damn dark, the check pattern is barely visible. Hand distressed to optimize the hue of Indigo and softening the fabric, distressed seems to have taken a front seat for PBJ's latest collection. 
Distressed to give the shirt a "Sunburnt" look
Classic Indigo Tee's, with the addition of washable Indigo Dyed Cowhide!
Left to right:
XX-003 (5 years)
XX-003 (1 year)
XX-007 (1 year)
Third from left to right:
AI-001 (7 years)
XX-010 (1 year)
XX-011 (1 year)
1069-4-CB (2 years, 2-3 wears per week)
Top: Indigo Dyed Tee (1 year)
Bottom: Indigo Dyed Tee (3 years)

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