We just donated US$600! | Our "Kurokin" Charity Donations

December 23, 2020

Following up from our Black Friday Collaboration Jeans Release - The OD+PBJ "Kurokin" Series, we are delighted to announce, that three winners were chosen at random from all orders placed for the Black Friday collaboration pair.
Each winner was given a choice of three charity organizations (Rainforest Trust, Waterkeeper Alliance, Doctors Without Borders) from which the following amounts were donated:
1st Prize: $250 USD donated to Doctors Without Borders - Thank you Henry K.!
2nd Prize: $200 USD donated to Waterkeeper Alliance - Thank you Steve S.!
3rd Price: $150 USD  donated to Waterkeeper Alliance - Thank you Marko M.!
We're blessed to have this opportunity to be in a position to give back to the community, and appreciate to be doing with you guys while doing what we love. Without your continued support & kindness, that would be impossible.

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