Pure Blue Japan | The "Snow" Nep Selvedge Jeans (Slim Tapered)

December 10, 2019

Pictured rocking the One Wash, the Neppy weft really activates with the PBJ wash process, something we talked about at length in our last Instagram post (go follow us if you don't already @okayamadenim)!
Laces out and all, casually killin' it is our man Michael from Cali who recently joined the team. Michael weighs 100kgs (220lbs) and is 6'4" (195cm), and the size 36 One Wash fits him spot on! For reference, he would be a 35 in any of the -019 (Relax Tapered) range.
While the face of this "Snow" denim is ample impressive as is, the cuff tells the full story. As if the denim survived a blizzard, the inlay of this fabric almost feels like the fabric is falling apart with all the intense nep.
The SN's (particularly the OW iteration) feature a hue of indigo that is unique to this fabric, different from other offerings from PBJ.
Here we have a Raw pair pictured on top of a One Wash pair of the SN-013s.
That inlay blizzard is real, no shortage of nep & irregularities.
The SN-013 Regular Straight version also available ($290)

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