An OD + Samurai Jeans Collaboration | The ODSJ003 "Kuro" Jeans for Black Friday 2019

November 28, 2019

Produced specifically for a Black Friday 2019 release, the OD+SJ "Kuro" Jeans are essentially the "Legacy" Jeans given the blackout treatment. The Legacy's were our inaugural collaboration in the ongoing series with Samurai Jeans.
With one of the only splash of color you're going to see on the entire pair, we wanted to rep that OD red in a subtle way, as seen featured on the stylized back patch stitch.
Signature Samurai Selvedge with the Silver Lamé detail.
As seen previously on the "Legacy" collab, the assorted buttons featured on the button fly take hardware from a variety of models spanning Samurai's 20 year history.
The other touch of color were again adding elements of the OD logo into the back pocket construction. Flip over the top of the back pocket and find a little Selvedge surprise detail we stitch in there for you next to the red & white aptly selected to represent the colors on the Japanese flag.
Previously featured on the Deep Indigo Sashiko Shirt drop from earlier this year, the pocket bags come dark to begin, but will age gorgeously considering the layers of the Indigo celebrated with this sashiko fabric.
Produced in a size run from 29-38, the ODSDA003 "Kuro" Jeans are a limited production run of a total of 60 pieces.

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