The ODPBJ001 20th's | 2 years in on these IDxID's!

June 11, 2020

Almost 2 years of wear, with 6 washes
Nothing like going down the rabbit hole on the /rawdenim subreddit on Reddit
Found this gem recently while digging around, a well worn pair of the ODPBJ001 20th Anniversary Jeans!
Reddit user chicken_pollo comments, "Quick update on my Okayama Denim Pure Blue Japan collab. I've worn these a lot more lately because of I've been WFH and have had to give them a wash once every month because of that. Also because I'm a homeowner now and have had to do repairs and yard work. First four washes were tub and last two were in washing machine since I don't have the time anymore. Gotta go, the lawn needs to be mowed."
The leaf after heavy wear, still got that gold vein intact!
Our favorite part about these is the way the tonal stitching really starts to become visible when contrasted with the well worn base fabric.

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