The Studio D'Artisan F/W 2021 Collection

June 02, 2021

The SDA F/W '21 Pre-order for most items closes on Jun 16th @ Midnight (JST)
Rewinding back a few weeks to Mid-May, we had the opportunity to check out Studio D'Artisan's latest F/W collection for 2021. Suffice to say, the Osaka OG's have a stellar lineup of upcoming items, which we will be making available for pre-order. Given that this is the largest lineup we have seen from the brand in sometime, we have narrowed down a few of our favorite garments which will be landing later this year. 
Pre-order with Confidence: 

Upon receiving the production lot from the factory, we will measure the item, and then send you the updated sizing. This will allow you to pre-order in confidence, and we will have the inventory to allow you to change your pre-ordered size, because your order will be treated as a priority before we launch the items for general release.

Inspired by our favorite natural dye at OD (as seen on several of our previous collaborations), many of SDA's pieces revolve around Kakishibu (柿渋).  Kakishibu has a deep rooted history in Japanese craft culture & tradition, dating back to the early 13th century when it was first introduced to Japan from China.
SDA went the overdyed route, and took a classic Hickory in an off-white color base, and gave it the full Kakishibu garment dyed treatment.
The Kakishibu Hickory comes in a classic Coverall jacket to pair the pants.
The same overdyed Hickory Kakishibu is also cut into a vest to complete the collection.
First teased a few weeks back on our IG story, and immediately gaining a ton of interest from our denim fam, the Indigo Kakishibu Kasezome Sashiko fabric was a project we had dreamt up initially last year, hoping to make it a collaboration between OD+SDA!
Because the minimums were enormous (we would have had to guarantee production of almost 1,000pairs of pants!), it was beyond our capacity. So we came to an agreement, allowed SDA to use the idea as their own, and we would in turn still be able to use some of this fabric to put together some of the items we wanted to see make it to market in this new Sashiko!
Leaving the details unchanged, the new Sashiko is cut as a Tailored Jacket.
As seen on previous Sashiko Tailored Jacket pieces, the Selvedge detail is highlighted going along the center back construction.
Conceptually similar to the OD+LW sweatshirt we released last year, SDA's garment dyed Kakishibu sweatshirt uses a standard Sinker body sweatshirt in oatmeal color, and overdyes it in Kakishibu.
The Sinker body has a notoriously soft hand feel on the inlay, which remains mostly unchanged despite the garment dyed nature of the production process.
Going further down the Kakishibu rabbit hole, SDA overdye a classic undyed Heavyweight Check Flannel Shirt which is originally in a natural (off-white) color.
Love the hue of brown this overdyed Kakishibu piece yields.
Back after about a three year hiatus, SDA employ the help from friends at the factory Rampuya in Tokushima (the same mill responsible for most hank dyed Natural Indigo selvedge fabrics coming out of Japan!) to bring back their Tokushima Aizome Natural Indigo Jeans in a new cut!
With every production run of a hank dyed "Kasezome" denim production, the indigo hues will vary from production run to run. With SDA's latest Natural Indigo development, the yarns are dyed at a variegated range of indigo hues, celebrating countless hues of blue.
While the face of the fabric carries a new personality with the subtly variance in yarns colors, the classic red line selvedge has been kept unchanged from the last time this same denim dropped.
Formerly known as Ayer's Rock, Ululu is the indegenious moniker (and newly adopted name) of the monolith found in the Australian outback. Revered by indigenous Australians for centuries, the unmistakable rust-color rock is the source of inspiration for SDA's latest proprietary Selvedge foray.
Using the refined version of the red soil found on the sandstone formation, now known as Ululu, the weft yarn of this "Mother Earth" denim is dyed using a Japanese mud dyeing method. This method,  彩土染め (or Saido-zome) is a process of soil/mud dyeing, yielding the unique shade of pink.
The same proprietary denim featuring this soil dyed natural weft, is also going to be available as a Type 2 Jacket.
They're bringing Boro back...
With a brand new application! Available as this pictured Type 1, as well as a pair of jeans, SDA's proprietary Noragi Boro Sashiko fabric has been applied throughout these two new distressed denim pieces.
If there was one single standout concept to pick from SDA's FW '21 showing, these new Indigo Sashiko fabrics hailing from the coastal prefecture of Shizuoka, south of Tokyo, would take the cake.
Inspired by the ocean, the new Indigo Sashiko fabrics woven in Shizuoka are known as Katsuo Sashiko (カツオ刺し子), or Skipjack Tuna Sashiko!
First developed in the 18th century, and commonly used in the production of traditional garb (for yukata, samue or noragi), the stripes within the weave of these Sashiko types are reminiscent of the aesthetic of the Skipjack Tuna's body.
No shortage of details, the shirt comes in a version A (seen a few pics up), and a Version B (diamond-esque pattern seen directly above).
A seriously supple leather with a soft hand feel, SDA's latest flight jackets salute the classic MA-1, with an obvious update!
Tanned and treated in Himeji, Japan's epicenter for all great Leather goods, the jacket is lined in rayon, and available in both brown (pictured above) and burgundy.
Given the higher price point on these pieces, we have chosen to collect 50% of the product cost upon pre-ordering, and the other 50% when the jackets are ready to ship later this year!
As they do season after season, SDA come clean with a black on black colorway option for this year's Stadium Jacket.
Another interesting Indigo pieces coming through the doors, this Indigo Dyed Selvedge jacquard shirt comes in just the right ounce weight to treat you well through the seasons.
The Pre-Order window for the SDA F/W 2021 Collection launches on 6/3 @ Midnight (JST)

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