OD + JB | The 18oz. ODJB010 "Wine Weft" Selvedge

September 18, 2018

Introducing the latest iteration of our ongoing collaboration series with Japan Blue, allow us to welcome our proprietary "Wine Weft" Selvedge. The Wine Weft was literally conceptualized over a team dinner with the OD peeps. Naturally, we were sharing a bottle of red wine with the crew when someone mentioned how beautiful the color of red wine can be, and the varying hues of burgundy that different red wines have. This sparked a lightbulb, and it was not long after this moment that we were down in Japan Blue's Okayama Office, requesting a sample production of a pair of jeans with a deep bordeaux color weft paired with a classic indigo warp.
Using the same Indigo warp popularized by our pervious Sapphire Slub & Midnight Slub releases, the latest fabric development comes in a burgundy hue for the weft, paying homage to the drink that's been putting adults on for centuries. Cut in our favorite Hi-Tapered's silhouette, the fabric comes in sanforized form and ready to bust out and wear immediately without any worry for a pre-soak!
The "Wine Weft" jeans features the same heavyweight Waistband Leather patch in Nude leather sourced from the famed Tochigi Leather factory, north of Tokyo. If you've seen faded samples of the Sapphire's, you know these patches age with pure grace.
Switching out the previously used Asanoha (Japanese for Hemp) print bags for a bold & heavyweight Indigo dyed Sashiko fabric. Pretty damn stoked to see how these pocket bags will age with time!
Available online today:

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October 13, 2018

I purchased the ODJB010 to go along with the JB0626 brown weft and ODJB001 sapphire weft, and what an amazing triple play they make. Love the Sashiko pocket bags. Got a compliment on the elegant color tone on my very first time wearing it out!

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