A Sweatshirt | The undisputed essential Winter layer

October 29, 2020

Let's face it - when it comes to sweatshirts the formula has remained relatively unchanged since it first debuted on the American Football field in 1920. Not just a staple of American style but a must-have in every men's wardrobe. That being said, Japanese fabrics and styling innovation have transformed a relatively simple garment into some fantastic pieces.
Starting with a look we are most familiar with, SDA's Suvin Gold Color Crewneck Sweatshirts deliver that drip when it comes to the fabric itself.
Loopwheel Cotton is the pinnacle of cotton jersey, epitomizing durability and soft texture. SDA's Sweatshirt fabrics are produced entirely out of Wakayama where some of the few remaining French Circular Knit (Tsuri-Ami) machines are based.
Combine the finest weaving techniques for cotton jersey, and apply amongst the the world's softest cottons, Suvin Gold cotton, and you've got yourself an understated banger. 
We are ecstatic for 2020, as SDA have introduced the Color range of their classic Suvin Gold Crewneck Sweatshirts, now available in Navy and Oatmeal.
Normally, Sweatshirts don't tend to regularly fall into the category of being a garment "made to be faded". Well, Pure Blue Japan have disagreed with that statement since their inception and are no strangers to the Indigo Dyed Sweatshirt game.
PBJ's latest Indigo Cable Knit Crewneck Sweatshirt takes Jacquard knitting to a whole new level. In fact, this is the first time we have seen a cable stitch pattern featured in any Jacquard knitted fabric.
Pure Blue Japan's rope-dyed indigo sweat fabrics are proven faders so this one is for all those who love to see the evolution of their garments over time. Featured yarn dyed indigo construction, the piece should fade evenly and gracefully over the years.
Featuring a V-gusset insert, ribbed cuffs + hem and paneled pits with a single stitched eyelet, this piece combines excellent function coupled with a unique aesthetic.
Loop & Weft - Purveyors of Japan's "Best Knitwear" are champions of reimagining vintage styling and pairing it with some of the most out-of-this-world soft sweat fabrics we have come across out of Japan.
While on the lighter side in terms of weight, the texture and wearability of the new vintage inspired "Slub Cotton" fleece knit fabric is substantial to say the least.
Taking a vintage 50s boatneck sweatshirt motif, the addition of waist pockets and rounded side slits are welcome features for this otherwise understated garment.
For a more familiar style, the 1930s Mock Neck motif is a versatile choice.
Traditional sweatshirt cuts don't work out for everyone. if you've ever experienced a sweatshirt riding up or cutting off in an unusual place, the ergonomical effect coming from the raglan sleeve construction of this piece will be your saving grace.
Whether you're planning on dressing them down with jeans, or wearing them with semi-formal chinos, Loop & Weft brought a versatile as hell sweatshirt, great for any occasion.
All items will go live on October 29th at Midnight (JST)

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